Simba Mushete & Echoes Of African Music

Simba Mushete & Echoes of African Music  is a Sydney based Afro-Fusion musical band that plays acoustic-infused traditional Zimbabwean instruments like Mbira and Marimba .

African Band Sydney

The “Echoes “ play the oldest and sweet melodious tunes from Zimbabwe. Simba Mushete has shared the stage with Africa’s finest musicians including the late Oliver Mutukudzi. Their Chigiyo beat is irresistibly too good that once you get on the dance floor you will dance all night long. Each performance by the Echoes leaves you wanting more of this groovy music anytime any day.

Echoes of African Music is dedicated to entertaining, inspiring, and engaging African people in the shared commitment of preserving, protecting and enriching the natural beauty of African culture  through music and hopes to continue collaborating  with other artists and organizations in  promoting unity, culture exchange  and understanding amongst individuals from all walks of life.

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